What to Choose? Laptop vs. Desktop: Comprehensive Guide in 2024

Today we are going to find out which one is best Laptop vs. Desktop. Some people think that a laptop has become so powerful that it is now nearer to being a desktop. They are nearly equal. The desktop is heavy.

Laptop vs. Desktop

It is stable at your desk at a place where as laptop is portable, wherever you want to place it you can place it. It is portable and lightweight. You can take it anywhere for work either office or home. But is a laptop ideal to buy?

Why should you buy a desktop?

The laptop is not ideal in all situations. There are lots of options for gaming laptops also if you are a gamer but the experience you get from a desktop you will never get from a laptop.

On the desktop you will get the:-

  1. Bigger display.
  2. More powerful.
  3. Lower cost.
  4. Easy to upgrade.
  5. Easy to repair.

1. Performance

Performance is very important, In fact, it is the most important. When you buy a machine, you want performance in it. And it should be long-lasting. Now, on this matter, the laptop is good or a desktop?

If you compare price to price, if you take a Rs.30,000 desktop and a Rs. 30,000 laptop, then 99% of the time desktop will win. It’s performance is always good. Portability comes at a cost. What is in the big box of the desktop, you will get in the small space of a laptop. If you look at the laptop’s fan and then at the desktop’s fan, so if there is more cooling, it means performance will be better.

If the thermals increase in the laptop then its performance drops. Not with a desktop, there are big fans in the desktop which keeps it cool due to that you get better performance. Storage in laptops is generally, 2.5″. In desktops it is 3.5″, a little bigger. Talking about the most important part is the CPU, in a laptop, if you see it is quite a small CPU, but on the desktop the CPU is big.

You will get more power on the desktop only. When there is less space, you get fewer transistors and hence less performance. And one more important thing that is the graphics card. You get integrated and dedicated cards on laptops. But these graphics cards are small. And if you see a desktop graphics card, there is a single graphics card in a big size.

2. Warranty

If anything happens to your laptop and you open it at your home, its warranty becomes void. But that’s not the case with desktops. You can assemble it or disassemble it. The warranty won’t be void since these are assembled machines.

3. Upgrade

When you buy a laptop or a desktop of Rs. 50,000, 60,000 or 1 lakh, you want to use it for at least 4-5 years. On that matter, if you buy a laptop once then upgrading it is generally quite difficult.

Generally, the RAM is soldered. If you buy a laptop, you will get 8/16 GB RAM, so you will have to make it with that only. Since it is soldered RAM, you can’t add any.

Not only that you can add RAM as well as storage to the desktop. It may happen that you have a perfect graphics card for cheap so you can remove the old one and put in the new one.

It is plug-and-play everywhere. You can put different components in. So it is quite easy for maintenance, repair and upgrade. The same does not hold true for laptops.

4. Life

Desktop will give you more life. In fact, according to that, this is a value for money. If you invest money once and buy a desktop of Rs. 50,000 or 1 lakh, you can use that for 4-5 years.

Now these laptops, since you can’t extend them so their life is only for 2-3 years. After that, you will say that the laptop is becoming slow.

5. Resale

You can sell the components of the desktop separately or if the whole thing is rigged nicely then you can sell it whole. But with a laptop, you can only sell what it is. After 3 years you will sell what you have bought 3 years ago. And obviously, you won’t get the same price for it.

6. Ports

If you have to use many accessories with your computer, if you want to use headphones. If you want to use a wired keyboard or if you have speakers then there are that many ports in the desktop.

Generally, due to the size of the laptop, there are hardly 2-3 USB ports and 1 HDMI port. Not with the desktop, there are 6 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, 1 RJ 45 and for audio video there is a graphics card. You get an audio jack in and out etc. Whatever port you want it is there. Whereas with the laptop you hardly get anything.

Why should you buy a laptop?

Laptop has a very big advantage. Everything is in that small form factor, all together, so you don’t have to do anything. It means that if you are not from the tech field or you are a novice, you can just buy a laptop and it will go smoothly.

Yes, it is not expandable and it won’t give that much performance but you won’t have tension of anything else. Just open it and start working. In a laptop, you get a keyboard, display and everything within it. But on a desktop, when you assemble, you have to get a machine and buy a keyboard and display.

In laptops you will get:-

  1. Portability
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Battery powered.

1. Portability

If you look at a laptop obviously laptop is portable. You can take it anywhere, roam around or take it outside. So, that is a big advantage if portability is very important for you then, obviously laptop is it.

2. Power consumption

A desktop needs a continuous power supply from electricity. whereas laptop, once you charge it you can use it for 3-4 hours straight. In the long term, the desktop is not so much value for money because it consumes a lot of electricity.

Its PSU (power supply unit) is around 550W/650W. For the laptop it’s 60W. So, a laptop reduces the power by 1/10th. Whereas desktop over some time, if you see the cost per unit, its price is more.

You have to buy a UPS because if the light goes out the machine turns off. And if you don’t have a UPS and the light goes out frequently, it can affect the components. The components like the motherboard, and hard disk can fail.

This is a big risk so always have an UPS with the desktop. But you won’t have that tension in the laptop, the battery is inside. You can continue working even if there is light out.


College-going students prefer portability over anything, so the laptop is best for them, otherwise, if you prefer power, performance, display, life, and upgradeability go for desktop. Above are some advantages and disadvantages of laptops and desks what hat you prefer for yourself. The choice is yours.

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